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An innovative construction site Integrated Project Delivery

We are only able to realize our ambitious vision of maximized value creation and pure collaboration in construction because we are both: consultants AND construction experts. Having build more than 500 projects in over 20 years of experience, we don't only know what we are talking about - we live and breathe construction. Our consultants wear hardhats, not suits.

Integrated project delivery (IPD) is a collaborative approach to construction management. All relevant entities (humans, systems, structures and processes) are connected from the get go to ensure that all project risks and rewards are shouldered collectively and fairly.

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2022_refine-MPP Wand Nils Duppel Process Analyst
We love Post-Its Visualizing success but also bottlenecks

Every project needs a production system focused on added value as well as value creation Lean Construction

Lean construction is an integral approach to planning, structuring and executing construction projects. Based on lean philosophy, we consult renowned construction companies as well as builders and planners as they manage their projects. Our goal is to constantly optimize all relevant processes on site in order to ensure sustainable creation of value.

Additionally, our consultants are lecturers, researchers and authors. Being deeply embedded in academia, refine become the trendscouts of construction and building management: how will construction sites change in the future? How do we best prepare to build in entirely new ways and based on lean philosophies in 20 years from now? It's no coincidence that the best bachelor thesis in 2021* was written by Olivia Dimitrijevic, a valued refine colleague, on the topic of high performing teams.

* Awarded at the German Lean Construction Institute Conference in November, 2021.

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Building Information Modeling Modell refineVVC Virtual Value Chain
refineVVC - Virtual Value Chain Our experts for BIM und Digitale Transformation

No transformation without technology Digital Transformation and Building Information Modeling

With modern methods based on Lean Construction as well as Building Information Modeling (BIM) you can be sure to get the best results out of your construction company or planning office. BIM has a proven track record of supporting the construction industry to master digital transformation through modern processes and cutting-edge technology.

An information rich 3D model of your project builds the foundation and will be utilized through the building's entire lifecycle. By going digital and lean you are able to increase your attractiveness as an employer, facing potential challenges like sustainability and shortage of skilled labor head on. Side by side with our clients, we are revolutionizing the construction industry - by establishing new methods, we create value for all those involved. Benefit from virtual reality, 3D planning and coordination, collision testing, model based planning and controlling as well as connected value chains.

If you are keen to start your transformation, get in touch with us today.

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