refine in one word

What connects our team with Lean, with refine and with our values? Let's ask them ourselves. And just as it takes many words to make a sentence, our highly motivated employees become a team that wants to ensure the success of your construction project.

CONSIS­TENCY Aldo Renz Lean Transformer
COMPE­TENCE Annett Schöttle Partnerin - Head of refine Cell Munich
SOLITA­RITY Annika Krebs Process Analystin
WOW Bülent Yildiz Founder and CEO
CHANGE Camille Lüdecke Lean Transformerin
No ­Alternative Prof. Dr. Claus Nesensohn Founder and CEO
TEAM Dilan Demir Lean Transformerin
INNOVATIVE LEAP Florian Renz BIM Transformer
GOLD­MINE Igor Löbl Président refineWest SAS
LEARN­ING Janik Zoller Team Marketing
FLEXIBILITY Jasmin Walter Vorstandsassistenz
AGIL Johannes Pitterle Partner - Head of refine Schweiz AG
DRIVE Katrin Fuchs Marketing Managerin
NEW Maria Susana Andrade Zurita Process Analystin
MINDSET Max Schulz Lean Transformer
REVOLU­TION Michael Schenzle Lean Transformer
CHANGE Monika Dubiel Head of cell Stuttgart - Senior Lean Transformerin
TEAM­WORK Nicole Fritsch-Weiler Process Analystin
RE­FRESHING Niko Krohn Lean Transformer
FULL­FILLING Nikola Nachkov Lean Transformer
FUTURE Patrick Theis Head of VVC - BIM Transformer
DIFFER­ENT Sarah Schipke Process Analystin
FANCY Severine Brunner Process Analystin
TEAM Tobias Muscheler Lean Transformer
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collaborate and create value the refine world

refine isn't just a consultancy that embodies the best qualities of a startup - it's an entire ecosystem.

Our teams in Stuttgart and Munich as well as refine Schweiz AG based in Zurich and refine West SAS in Paris are specialists for Lean Construction and integrated project delivery.

refineVVC (virtual value chain) based in Stuttgart consults partners and clients all over Europe in questions pertaining to digital transformation as well building information modeling.

We are also super proud of our partner network: we are currently executing joint projects with Generalplanung Archipel, Kohlbecker Gesamtplan GmbH, ConReal Swiss AG, Company Factory, ICT Facilities GmbH, RoxxTech GmbH, Vision Oy, Logifox GmbH